Inside the Great Magazines

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  • 导演: Irene Lilienheim Angelico / Abby Jack Neidik
  • 地区: 加拿大
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Inside the Great Magazines剧情内容介绍

《Inside the Great Magazines》在线观看和下载

Inside the Great Magazines剧情内容介绍

Inside the Great Magazines

Intelligent, provocative, glamorous and intriguing, this three-part series points the camera at the inside pages and inner workings of the first international medium. Venture inside the editor's suite and go on location to the interviews and the photo shoots of the greatest magazines in the world.  This three-part documentary series reveal the brilliance, tensions and conflicts ...

Irene Lilienheim Angelico、Abby Jack Neidik执导,


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  • Backstage to the invention, development and production of modern magazines. Showcase of the modern ****** of fantasy. Imagination is good if